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Join us in returning the significance, truth, and enjoyment of the faith to God's people with interesting teachings and illustrations.

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"Joy of Life" ministry works with  Christian life groups around the Lansdowne, PA area. There are many different groups that address a variety of needs. Participants should be encouraged to grow within the group as well as  to have the freedom to move in and out of others as they feel called. Offered are numerous trainings on Christian worldview and ethics, marriage, raising kids, finances, personal boundaries,  divorce, Christian counseling, spiritual direction, Bible studies with real world  applications, and whatever the Lord has in store. Let us know what your group's needs are.
Life groups may be made up of groups desiring to develop particular ministries that serve inside and outside the  local body of believers.  Life groups are mini-churches of the many different ethnic and people groups in and around our community.
Real people worshiping a real God with real faith.


SPIRITUAL DIRECTION calls to the core of one's being because it sets up a natural rhythm within.  The awareness of praying through the hours awakens one's soul to the need to pray every day and be mindful of the rhythms of the universe.  Prayer helps us to celebrate each day as a gift of life.  You will be introduced to some resources on the Spiritual Masters and a breathing prayer exercise simply by clicking on the video title below.  This video is 15 minutes.

SPIRITUAL DIRECTION - Session 1, parts 1 & 2

Below in the short videos, we will be answering questions about Christianity, Theology, The Bible, Science, Healing, Spiritual Direction, Apologetics, and relevant topics concerning today's issues.

Look for our special characters, like Academic Dean, Professor Doctor, and historic Christian personalities re-enacted.
To see some, click on the titles below.

Soap-like Faith.

Washing away our sin.

Resolving Problems

Sometimes we need to go deeper.

Barriers to Praise.

Building your spiritual muscles

Bench Pressing Temptation.

Resist to become stronger.

The Trinity.

The Trinity Explained

God is Everywhere

You cannot hide from God.

Einstein and Information.

Professor Doctor Explains Information

The Bill from the Last Supper.

John & bill from the Last Supper


A precious gift from God.

God Looks Inside

(This is higher resolution, so it might take longer to load.)

Martin Luther's 95 Theses.

Falling into Satan's Pit.

Debate on Evolution.

Real Solution to World Problems.

If God is calling you to study at a Bible College or Seminary , consider Lancaster Bible College at the Center for Urban Theological Studies in Philadelphia or in the Baltimore, Washington D.C. area, consider Faith Theological Seminary and Bible College - where Francis Schaeffer and John Lepera studied. Dr. Lepera teaches at both institutions.

Link to Faith Theological Seminary

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The LORD be gracious to you!