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We like to relate practical applications of the Christian faith and make Biblical concepts easier to understand while having the learning process be enjoyable, while providing sound doctrine and interesting teachings. We strive to combine our talents with an appealing style.

Use this as a resource for broadening your faith. We hope to hear from you and to answer your questions, as we "Speak the truth in love." Eph 4:15.


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for John's book, Christian TEA Party.


John gives talks and workshops on the areas listed in the bio. Contact him to have him at your church or life group meeting.
John L. Lepera
Professor of Theology/Apologetics - Faith Theological Seminary 
     (Baltimore, MD)
Professor of Biblical Science - Lancaster Bible College at the Center for
     Urban Theological Studies (CUTS - Philadelphia, PA)
Founder – Joy of Life Ministry
ThD – Faith Theological Seminary
MDiv - Faith Theological Seminary
MS – Physics/Geology – Ball State University
BS – Teaching Physics/Math – Purdue University/Ball State University
In addition to his role as speaker, John teaches Theology, Christian Ethics, Cults and Isms, Basic Greek Tools, Science and the Bible, and Apologetics (defense of the faith). As a pastor he also does pulpit supply (filling in for pastors). His background in rocket science, scientific research, personal computer marketing, and theology make for an interesting mix with a sense of humor thrown in. His training is matched by his Spirit-filled desire to fulfill the Great Commission in the ways God has given him.
List of books by John (contact us for more info):
Christian TEA Party - Tough Evangelical Activist
The Top Ten (Ten Commandments)
Enter Holy Spirit
Ministry Offices, Elders and Women
Faith and Rock & Roll '65-'74
Biblical Greek and Hebrew Tools
American Ecclesiastic Polemics and Yahweh's Decalogue
A.C.T.S. House Church Guidebook
Our Educational Dilemma
Personality Types Digest

The LORD be gracious to you!