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Christian TEA Party
for the Tough Evangelical Activist

Professor, pastor and speaker, Dr. John's newest book: Christian TEA Party looks at major issues plaguing our country in general and Christians in particular. In over 220 pages, examples of contending for the faith are given throughout the chapters with strong, not insipid, suggestions. Beginning with a light theological overview as to why Christians are to fight for the Kingdom plus how to and how not to fight, the book moves into real life contemporary problems and solutions employing apologetics, ethics, and physical and intellectual action. Biblical viewpoints are considered. Other methods (right and wrong) are discussed. Specific problems are dealt with more depth such as education and understanding the other side. The eventual malaise of the anti-Christian movement is looked into, as well as, looking inward for answers. Suggestions are made throughout the books as to solutions with the final chapter specifying key points.

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