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NT 7122 General Epistles & Revelation

Syllabus NT 7122 General Epistles & Revelation 2015

Holman Commentary - General Epistles & Revelation

Top Verses

Hebrews chart

Development of the New Testament Canon

Understanding Views of Revelation

The Millennium clip

PT 4244 Fundamentals of Leadership

Syllabus PT 4244 Leadership 2015

NT Biblical Leadership notes

J Maxwell Leadership notes

J Maxwell 5 Levels

5 Questions for Leaders

13 Tools to Resolve Conflict

94 Leadership Quotes

Reclaiming Urban Family ch 3

Personality book

Developing The Leader Within You - student guide

Developing the Leaders Around You - student guide

Spiritual Leadership - Oswald Sanders

Spiritual Leadership Quotes

PT 8103 Church and Para-church Ministries

Syllabus PT 8103 Church and Parachurch Ministries 2015

The Didache

Didascalia Apostolorum and other readings

Multi Site Churches


Role of the Local Church in Parachurch Ministries

SCI 251 Scientific Disciplines

Syllabus SCI 251

Defeating Darwinism

Video Questions

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Evolution Cruncher readings excerpt

Evolution Cruncher whole book

It Couldn't Just Happen assignment

It Couldn't Just Happen book

Creation PowerPoint download

Evolution-Humanism Outcomes PowerPoint

PT 3125 Urban Church Ministry

ST 7123 Apologetics

NT 7133 Exposition of Hebrews

PT 2115 Biblical Missions

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